Friday, June 29, 2012

MILEY CYRUS Wardrobe Malfunction - When is the last time you forgot your panties?

Do not read this if your easily offended!!!

Wardrobe malfunction ???!!!

Wardrobe malfunction - MY ASS!!!

ENTV REPORTER, CHLOE MELAS claims that Miley Cyrus "forgot to put on some underwear."

Hello!!! Im 21 years old and I never forget to wear underwear.

If you dont have  underwear on, its not because you forgot - its because you know just like Miley knew, that when you go out without your underwear on - you do it to cause a sensation.

Smart move Miley!!

You have 22,882 views on your

So when you go out with no panties underneath your little black dress, it's because you want your guy to look at your ass and wonder if tonight is his lucky night.

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So if you are a smart thinking, action grabbing no panty kind a girl and you wanna cause a sensation this weekend, get ready to cause your own Miley Cyrus Wardrobe Malfunction.

 Are you BOLD and DARING
 enough without panties on???

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