Friday, April 6, 2012

The Black Dress Club - Where Can I Find New Ideas To Dress For The Club?

Welcome to The Black Dress Club
The Black Dress Club welcomes you to a world of fashion. Where I'm gonna help you to be gorgeous, sexy bold and daring.

Hi I'm Jane, and I just love to party and when I party, I always want to look my best and above all feel as hot and sexy as I look.

The problem was, every time I went online I couldn't really find the dresses, accessories, the help and support I was looking for.

So I decided to put together my very own site to help party girls just like you and me.

Over the coming weeks, The Black Dress Club will  give you;

Sexy black club dress
Help with accessories
Tutorials, workshops and training seminars
A shop to buy your favorite black dress
The Real Black Dress Club

Sexy Black Club Dress

If you're like me, you're always looking for the hottest little number and of course you don't want go to party with your little black dress and find somebody else wearing the same outfit.

So I will be teaming up with international designers to bring you exclusive black dresses from all around Asia to make you feel special at your next party.

Help With Accessories

I am sure you've often asked yourself what to wear with the black dress.

Well not too worry, because I am getting together with my fashion designer friends to create exciting new looks just for you.

Imagine how you will feel, when you walk in to the party and everyone looks at you with their mouth open wide and says "WOW!".

Tutorials, Workshop And Training Seminars

If you have ever wanted to be trained by some of the countries top make up artists, fashion designers and beauty advisers then stay part of The Black Dress Club because I will be hosting a number of training modules, seminars and workshops to help make us look the best when we go out at night.

Better still some of you may even be able use the training to start businesses and start earning money.

A Shop To Buy Your Favorite Black Dress

No doubt you have found it difficult to buy the exclusive black club dress, I know I did, and so over the coming weeks I will be launching the black dress club shop, where you can buy some of the hottest little black dresses at sizzling prices!

The Real Black Dress Club

There is nothing worse than being "all dressed up and no place to go". So I will be creating a series of events around Manila at some of the hottest clubs in town where you can hang out with your friends and as a member of The Black Dress Club, where you will be given preferential entry to the club, be eligible for special discounts and prices and other goodies and giveaways.

So watch out for the coming fun, events tips and advice where we can get together and "paint the town red".

To stay in touch with all the news, simply enter your first name and email address in a box below, so I can update you regularly with all my fashion tips.

The Black Dress Club
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The Black Dress Club Creating Beautiful Women
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  1. Hi Jane,

    Fantastic to see your 1st article. Well done in setting up the site the correct way with me on the 30 Day Challenge at

    I look forward to seeing you create your new business with success and profit!

    Well done.


  2. Thank you so much Tim Bennet.Im so happy to made this 1st article.You and the team of Argon Management Training inspired me to do this.Thank you for letting me be part of the 30 Day Challenge.